Help me to serve reverently at
your holy altar,
and so give you praise and glory

Servers are an important ministry to the people of IHM.  They help to prepare for Mass, assist during Mass, and help after Mass.  Being a server is a privilege!  It requires a strong commitment from both the server and his/her parents.

Who can be a server?

We accept applications to become a server once the student begins the 5th grade.  Each applicant must be baptized, have received their First Eucharist, and attend Mass every Sunday.

How do I get trained?

Once your application becomes accepted, training will be scheduled.  There are normally three separate training sessions.  These are outlined in the Handbook for Servers.  Everyone must complete the training sessions, which include a practical and written test component.

What happens if I can’t serve when scheduled?

If you are scheduled to serve, and cannot fulfill your responsibility, you must obtain a substitute.  This should be done via the Ministry Scheduler Program. If you do not get a sub, you will be noted as absent.  Two absences within a year will result in you being removed from the serving list.

How can I get an application?

Applications are received at the beginning of the school year, and training begins in September each year.  You can download the application form by using the New Altar Servers link on the left of this page.

When we begin to schedule the training sessions, the link on this page will be active for you to use to sign up.