The Ministry of Lector

As proclaimers of the word of God in Scripture, lectors are very important to the liturgical life of the Church. “In Sacred Scripture, the Church constantly finds her nourishment and her strength, for she welcomes it not as a human word, ‘but as what it really is, the word of God’” (Dei Verbum 24).

“In principle, the liturgy, and especially the sacramental liturgy, the high point of which is the eucharistic celebration, brings about the most perfect actualization of the biblical texts, for the liturgy places the proclamation in the midst of the community of believers, gathered around Christ so as to draw near to God. Christ is then "present in his word, because it is he himself who speaks when sacred Scripture is read in the church" ("Sacrosanctum Concilium," 7). Written text thus becomes living word.” (Interpretation of the Bible in Church, Pontifical Biblical Commission, 1994 

Who can be a Lector?

“It is necessary that those who exercise the ministry of reader....be truly suited and carefully prepared, so that the faithful may develop a warm and living love for Sacred Scripture from listening to the sacred readings (Introduction to the Lectionary for Mass, #55).  The ministry of the Word requires an understanding of the Scriptures, knowledge of the principles of liturgy, and skill in public reading.  Lectors are chosen by the pastor.  They must be fully initiated, mature, members of the Church, who have by their actual Christian living shown that they have taken their faith seriously.  They should embody the Christian life of service, and be willing to grow in their love for the Eucharist.  (Diocese of Covington, Norms for Lectors, September 2010). 

What are the qualifications?

To serve as a lector in the diocese of Covington, you must:

  1. Be Catholic and have received all the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist).
  2. Live your life in such a way that your love for the Eucharist is evident by regular participation in the Eucharistic liturgy.
  3. Demonstrate acceptance of the teachings of the Church by your way of life.
  4. Be adequately formed to carry out this ministry, and take part in continuing formation through parish and/or diocesan workshops and/or retreats.
  5. Be chosen and commissioned by the pastor for a renewable, four-year term.
  6. Be at least 16 years of age.
  7. Not labor under a canonical penalty, whether imposed or declared (e.g. not be in an invalid marriage or be a laicized cleric).
  8. Commit to a faithful and reliable presence at liturgies to which you have been assigned.

If you are interested in serving in the Ministry of Lector, contact Deacon Greg.