Finance Council

Parish Finance Council

Pastors of parishes, appointed by the diocesan bishop, are entrusted with the pastoral care of a particular community within the diocese.  The Pastor is responsible for the administration of parish programs, property and records.  The Pastor’s staff assists in meeting these responsibilities.  Under the authority of the Bishop, pastors also establish consultative bodies, such as parish pastoral councils (PPC), finance committees and education commissions to seek advice and counsel regarding parish services and programs.  (Diocese of Covington, 2006 Synod, Policy Admin 4)

The Finance Council is a consultative body of parishioners appointed by the Pastor.  Members of the Council are invited to serve based upon their expertise, education, and training in the fields of finance, banking, and accounting.  The Pastor presides over the council.  Its function is both pastoral and administrative in nature, helping the Pastor to establish vision, set goals, and develop policies for the growth and development of the parish.  The Council assists the Pastor in preparing the annual operating budget for the parish and school.  They review and approve all financial reports.

Current Council membership:

Fr. Nick Rottman

Deacon Greg

Chris Woolums, Chairperson

Lisa Goetz, CPA

Bill Steimer, CPA

Jeff Neiheisel, Esq.

Tim Kruse, Sr.

John Doubrava, Parish Business Manager/Finance Director


Finance Information

2016-2017 Budget