Children's Liturgy of the Word


Children's Liturgy of the Word

(Grades 1, 2 and 3)

What is Children's Liturgy of the Word?

Children's Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) is a Diocesan approved program that involves giving children the opportunity to hear the readings and a homily geared for a child's level of comprehension at Sunday Mass.

How do the Children get to CLOW?

The children arrive at mass with their families and take part in the Opening Rite (Entrance song and greeting of the priest). After the opening prayer, the priest will invite the children to come forward and be lead to the space for CLOW by the CLOW presider or leader. The presider can start with a song and a prayer before reading the 1st and 2nd readings from the Children's lectionary. The Responsorial Psalm can be sung or read. The children will stand and sing or recite an Alleluia before the presider proclaims the Gospel. The presider will read the prepared homily and follow with any suggested activities. The children will stand and recite a children's creed and offer their own petitions as well as those provided. The presider will close with a prayer and the children will return to church during the Preparation of the Gifts and participate in the rest of the Mass - The Liturgy of the Eucharist - with their family.

Who is the Presider or Leader?

The presiders are trained volunteers (parents, adults, young adults or confirmed teens) who have prepared themselves through prayer and study to proclaim the readings and lead the children to understand the readings.

Do the Children sign up to attend?

No. They may come once or every week.

Does this fulfill the Sunday Obligation?

Yes. The children and presider listen and reflect on the readings during CLOW.

Are parents allowed to observe?

Yes. Parents are encouraged to come with their child, especially the first time.


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