Volunteers Welcome!

Hundreds of volunteers help run our parish and all of our various organizations and affiliated agencies.  Volunteers may be found working the cafeteria serving line, coaching basketball, organizing the annual “walk-a-thon”—the possibilities are endless.

What volunteer opportunities exist?
The Time and Talent page lists the various areas of volunteer opportunities.  Review the many pages within our web site to find the leaders of the myriad of programs and organizations.  Those leaders know what specific opportunities exist in their area.

How do I get started? All volunteers must complete the Protecting God’s Children (VIRTUS®) program and have a satisfactory background check.  Begin by completing the Volunteer Application Form and returning it to the Parish Office VIRTUS® Coordinator.  You will be given a copy of the Policies Booklet (or use the link on this page) and be asked to sign a Policies Acceptance Form.

Go to www.virtus.org to begin the registration process.  Use the link on this page.  Here you will set up an account and register for a training class. 

You must also submit to a Background Check.  The one-time cost of this Background Check is currently $25.00.  Contact the Parish Virtus Coordinator for instructions.

You may not begin volunteer duties until you complete training and receive notification of approval.  You will be required to complete regular Virtus® training on-line modules and monthly bulletins.  Failure to stay current with the on-going training will result in suspension.  You will then have to contact the Parish Virtus® coordinator for further action.


All volunteers are on monthly update training bulletins.  Make sure to log into Virtus during the first week of each month to keep your training certification up to date.  Suspension can lead to inactivation of your status.  If inactivated, a new background check will be required prior to you being able to volunteer again (which incurs the $25 fee).